Pamper yourself in the lapse of nature at Norwood Villas

As the scorching heat of Delhi was becoming unbearable, visiting mountains was on our cards. The question was where!?

Norwood Green Villas became our obvious choice owing to its spectacular view, comfort and connectivity to the tourist spots. The facade is beautiful and is well maintained. There are 4 luxurious villas and each villa has 4 bedrooms, a lounge, balcony from the room, attached toilets and a beautiful terrace garden. (Refer to pics)

Every morning we enjoyed the beauty of nature. The birds chirping in my balcony, the lush green surroundings and the breathtaking view of snow covered Dhauladhar range. A quiet walk in the adjoining tea estate was the most relaxed evening in Palampur.

We contacted team exsultravel for the sightseeing and went on our spree to explore the unexplored. We went through the hills, the woods, the temple at the peak and what not, and our jeep safari came to an end with a beautiful waterfall adjoining the temple. We soaked our feet and felt the refreshing splash of chilled water. The tiredness of the entire day was gone with wind.

Soon after we came back to the property, we were greeted by the staff and the welcoming aromas of our specially curated food. We had a BBQ placed for us and some chilled drinks to enjoy the ambiance and each other’s company.

We stayed there for 3 days and not even a single day we were disappointed from Palampur or Norwood Greens.

Our care taker at the property – Sanjay was more than efficient with his work and had a genuine interest in our comfort. While he recommended us some sightseeing spots, he also packed us lunch.

This place is perfect to be visited by friends and family alike. Especially for those who have kids in the family, Norwood Villas comes as a blessing. It’s a home away from home in the lapse of nature.

Travel Tip: You can travel to Norwood Greens via Bus, Train, Flight or Car. Car was the best option owing to the safe route and beautiful view and takes about 9 hours from Delhi to Palampur.


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