A regular day in Gurgaon turned special with Bunker Cafe!

A meeting in Gurgaon takes more than just traveling! Almost 2 hours of drive and 2 hours of meeting, made me just so hungry. I visited the Crosspoint Mall for this meeting and couldn’t help noticing this cute little themed cafe with impressive interiors. It’s an army-themed restaurant and dishes out some incredible cuisines and cocktails.

As the name suggests, Bunker literally introduces you to the intriguing facts of Indian army by displaying the rare and unspoken stories. Adding to the quirkiness of the place, the hand grenade salt shakers and gun-shaped ketchup holder truly gives us a fun factor.

We went for a lunch at Bunker and ordered a pitcher of Sangria to start with. I must confess, I had the major portion of it and it was strong. Highly Recommended!

Along with the Sangria, my friend ordered some masala fries, which came with a cute gun shaped bottle for pouring the ketchup. Nice and crispy! I love cheese and I couldn’t resist ordering Cheese Fingers. Again, it comes as a recommendation from YummyDelhi. Very tasty, crispy on the outside and warm cheese oozing on the inside. Relished it to the last bite.

We also ordered Jalapeño Rolls, which were served very beautifully in shots glasses dipped in some portion of sweet chilly sauce. Very crispy and tasty!

Since it was too hot and humid, we ordered a couple of more drinks while dining including Fauji Tharra and Lieutenant’s Punch. Again, pretty strong and impressive.

Even before visiting the place, I made up my mind looking at the menu on zomato that I’ll be ordering the drone pizza and thank god we did! It’s a very different concept and tastes a little different from the usual pizzas. The twisted knots are my favorite portions as they contain most of the cheese. Must try once, when at Bunker.

I am a fan of Thai Curries and decided to order one. Honestly, this is the only dish I wasn’t very impressed with. Maybe because I have had it at the best places so far. But it lacked the essence of coconut milk and the punch of garlic and other herbs. Not the best, but decent.
Lastly, we ordered Desi Ghee roast chicken with lachha parantha. I would have preferred a malabari parantha any day, but the sinful flavours of desi Ghee and spices took over and I was quite happy with the dish.

Coming to the best part, desserts at Bunker are OH-SO-DELIGHTFUL. I loved the fluffy pancakes (though I wish there was more chocolate and Nutella to sinfully indulge in). The fried ice-cream is amazing and should be tried atleast once. Thumbs up for the desserts!


That was about my food experience, but I would like to give a shoutout to team Bunker for its sincere efforts in giving us such a warm welcome and experience. At first I thought it’s just us, but later I observed that they served everyone with utmost respect – even amongst the staff members themselves, which isn’t a common scenario in Gurgaon these days (one of the many reasons I avoid Gurgaon). I have had bad experiences in Gurgaon, but Bunker just became my favourite go-to place whenever I am around.


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