Too tired to visit a salon? Book Vanity Cube

While there are many services that are being offered by Vanity Cube in the comfort of your own space, I planned to book an appointment for pedicure, manicure, face and neck de-tan and hair spa. Were the services really good? How was the staff? How much are the charges? Read below to know all this and much more.

I came to know about Vanity Cube from instagram when one of my friends posted a picture of her getting her manicure done at home. I have always been lazy, but even more busier with the office schedule. I was due for a hair spa since long and I instantly booked an appointment.

I got a confirmation message and it all started. A member of staff came to my place with the necessary toolkit. She bought the bin for pedicure, creams, kits, and got my manicure started. I booked the treatments for SARA face and neck de-tan, anti-tan manicure and classic pedicure.
My manicure and pedicure went smooth, where she carefully dealt with my sensitive skin and yet made sure they came out absolutely clean. After soaking my feet in luke warm water, she started the treatment and the results can be seen in the below images.

The de-tan manicure however, was way better than the classic pedicure. She ended the manicure by shaping and filing my nails and applied the most beautiful shade of pink, making it look all pretty.
Honestly, the SARA de-tan treatment made me feel at least a shade lighter. She applied several scrubs and packs on my face and the results were instantly visible. I would totally recommend their services for full body De-tan.

Later, she applied the hair spa products on my chemically treated hair and the result was again impressive. Each strand was left soft, shiny and untangled. I’ll be posting a picture of pre and post hair spa treatment for reference and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Not just the services, even the representative of Vanity Cube is worth a mention. Sarita came to my place and gave all the services very professionally. At all the times, she displayed her kits very neatly. Also, wore a face mask, an apron and maintained hygiene. The best part – this treatment was 100% mess free. She cleaned up everything after the treatments. This isn’t my first time when I have got beauty services done at home, but certainly the first time when I feel so rejuvenated and satisfied at once.

A happy-pampered me after the treatments! Thank you Vanity Cube

P.S. For INR 2050, the package of 3 services – manicure (INR 550), pedicure (INR 400), face & neck de-tan (INR 400) and hairspa (INR 700) was an impressive deal. You can choose/design your own combo as per your requirement.

Check the website for details:


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