Lanterns Kitchen & Bar

Restaurant Review: Lanterns Kitchen and Bar Rajendra Place, New Delhi

Must try: Lantern’s special Commissioner flavored Hookah, Cucumber Cooler, Baileys, Sundried tomato, artichoke and spinach pizza, Cottage cheese steaks and Wassabi Paneer Tikka Skewers.

Recommended for: Friends, students and small get together. With good food naturally comes the joy! I had one such experience at Lanterns – totally amusing and unforgettable. I had doubts for its locality but a visit just cleared it all. How I loved it? So much, that you might spot me on a lazy weekend here with my friends having the BEST HOOKAH I ever had. Easily accessible via metro, you can get down at gate no. 2 or near CCD by car. It’s situated in the old complex site which might look a little awkward at first, but the interiors make up for it. We could not find it at first and the people in the locality happily helped us. We got a warm welcome by the guard at the entrance. With much anticipation, we entered through the big wooden doors and to our surprise, the interiors were nothing like the exteriors. With a distressed finishing, the walls had a few beautiful pictures hanging there, accentuating the place even more. The bar area was well lit by LED’s and a gignatic brown clock. And how I wish that clock could have been functional too. 🙂 The sitting area was very comfortable – a lavish spread of wooden chairs and a setup near the bar counter. We spotted our friends near the bar area and we knew exactly why they choose this place. We slipped into our seats and had a tough time selecting our drinks from the ‘many’ tempting options we had. For a table of 8-10, we ordered the following:

Drinks Mocktails – Cucumber Cooler, Red Ferrari, sun city, virgin sangria

Cocktails – Mango basil freezer, passion fruit basil freezer, cafir lime margarita, Longest long Island ice tea pitcher, water melon martini and baileys

Food Exotic veg dumpling, veg cheese fries, cottage cheese with celery sichuan pepper, Garlic peppery chicken, cheesy stuffed chicken, Tandoori meat, keema & bacon fries, bokchoy & mushroom dumplings, cottage cheese steak, veg quasaedilla, homemade cheese nachos, Wasabi paneer tikka skewers, Harissa fish, whole grilled fish with lemon caper sauce, motto on chicken steak, Sweet chilli rock prawns, Sundried tomato, artichoke and spinach pizza. Quite a lavish affair! It was a table of hardcore foodies, what do you expect? :p

Though I absolutely loved each bite/sip, but here are a few special recommendations from every section:

Mocktail – Cucumber cooler: This cooler is a perfect blend of refreshing cucumbers and mint, topped with chat masala and rock salt for an enticing experience. *Perfect10/10*

Cocktail – Baileys: Bailey’s Irish Cream is a unique Irish spirit made from a mix of cream, sugar, cocoa and the finest Irish spirits. If you haven’t already tried it, I urge you to give it a shot. *Perfect 10/10*

Starters & Main Course – Cottage Cheese steak: Incredible! Totally loved the multilayered cheese surface with a crunchy base. Must Try! *10/10*

Wassabi Paneer Tikka Skewers: Super soft paneer tikka cubes topped with cheese. An unrivaled winner! *Perfect 10/10*

Sundried tomato, artichoke and spinach pizza: Coming from someone who is not a pizza fan, it’s one pizza I really liked among the many pizzas I have had in a long time. *9/10*

Cheese fries: Perfect finger food to accompany some beer (Depending upon individual preferences you can try their TAP beer). *8.5/10*

Desserts – Churros & brownie with vanilla ice cream: A slender deep fried patty sprinkled with sugar. AND. Served with blissful flavors of vanilla ice cream is the crispy Brownie. *9/10*

Commisioner flavored Hookah: A blend of some captivating flavors and certainly the BEST out of the lot. Highly recommended. P.s. It’s Lantern’s special and secret recipe and you CAN’T have it somewhere else. **Extra Brownie Points** The ambiance is cheerful with songs that perfectly syncs with a good mood, ideal to complement your allover dining experience. The owners and staff proactively caters to the diners. Welcome to the new era! A tiny gadget is placed on the table for calling a waiter, for bill, or cancelling the order and more. So no more hand waves, just a magical finger touch will do.

Verdict: Lanterns has THE BEST HOOKAH I (and my friends Sachin Sahni and Poonam Chakraborty ) have ever had. I am definitely re-visiting this place for its sumptuous food and hookah. Highly recommended! Ideal for celebrating birthdays, special days or just casually hanging out with friends, without burning a hole in your pocket. And again, MUST TRY their commissioner flavor HOOKAH.


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