The Vintage Avenue

Restaurant Review: The Vintage Avenue, GTB Nagar, New Delhi

Conveniently located at a walking distance from Gtb metro station, The Vintage Avenue is a few blocks away from BYD and Ricos. With its grand building and signboards, it won’t be difficult for even the first timers to locate it.

While a number of new cafes are popping up, some already established cafes are getting innovative with their themes, presentation and food quality. Vintage Avenue is one such cafe that has a very strong personality with a strong positive aura set in its tone, elegant decors, vibrantly colored walls, extremely comfortable sitting options, lavish space and so much more, but for me the experience has been real bad 2. Why? Find out.

Me and my friend took a little time off from work and chanced upon The Vintage Avenue for its grand persona and over-hyped zomato rating. Our purpose has always been similar – good food, little talks and a lot of fun.

A narrow wooden staircase led us to the grand entrance which had yesteryear’s good old charm. Impressed by the multi-level concept, we opted for the one on the second floor – not conjusted and with a very beautiful setup, perfect for a laidback experience. The first floor has beautiful photographs, comfy floor sitting area and white chair cabins.

We got comfortable in our seats and was warmly greeted by the staff. A mesmerising setup of lights, faux ferns and flowers was right above our table accentuating the allover effect. Menus were handed out for food, Mocktails and sheesha and we placed our order. Worth a mention, their huge variety of mocktails, shake and beverages are impressive. The ambiance totally kept us in high spirits, until the food arrived.

Food: We ordered –
Ferrero rochers shake – Perfectly thick and yummy. Decent quantity. It would have been perfect if they served it with lil fererro rochers chunks for presentation (like other similar cafes), but no qualms. Not yet! Rating: 4/5

Tiramasu Shake – Again, ditto presentation with a slightly more sweetness and less chocolate. Had a few assorted pieces of chocolate and dry fruit.Rating: 3.5/5

Spaghetti al-olgio – So not worth it! Bland, flavorless stir fried veggies in spaghetti. On special request we asked them to enhance the flavor a little. They recommended their red sauce and it came out pretty decent. I would have loved a little punch of garlic, but we don’t always get what we look for. Do we? Rating: 3/5

And now,
#TVA’s Dahi ke Kebab – Signature dish?? It was the worst dahi kebabs I have ever had. My expectations doomed in the glass sitting right beside me. We just asked for check and clearance. The kebabs were soft, yet too bland for our taste. Or maybe, just because we have had a far better version of kebabs and spaghetti at so many other cafes and restaurants – They totally failed to appeal our taste buds. 2/5

Loud noises of the staff talking among themselves kept coming. The main waiter was courteous but not very enthusiastic. He placed the bottle and glasses but didn’t care to serve it. Nor he served food. Not like he had many tables to attend. Adds to the annoying experience.

Value for money:
900 for two shakes, spaghetti and kebabs. Not worth it! I would have gladly paid even more, if the quality and quantity would have been good. But at this kind of hospitality and THAT taste, I am starting to doubt myself for being too generous by going for 3 stars.


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