Sparrows Restaurant

Restaurant Review: Sparrows, Vijay Nagar, New Delhi

Rated: 4/5

Gtb Nagar‘s new hip hangout place – Sparrows is located right near the very famous cafe – BigYellowDoor. It’s a 5 minutes walking distance from gtb metro station exit (opposite Nirankari Jewellers).

Ambiance: Every place has a story to tell. From walls to furniture, from staff to their uniforms, from lights to decors and finally the food’s presentation and flavors. Sparrows certainly scores a high spot when it comes to ambiance and offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. The room temperature is rightly controlled, the seats are comfortable, the staff is knowledgable and polite, the sitting area is well lit and walls are decorated with cute little sparrows.

Service: The staff is concerned and kept asking if i liked the dish or not. Whereas, there were two issues. First, the drinks came very late, almost after the entire meal ended. Secondly, the quantity of one of the mocktails was ridiculously tiny – 4 sips maybe (And HUGE chunks of ice).

Finally, Food:
On a very special request, the guy at the counter arranged for a kebab platter which consisted of dahi k kebab, veg kebabs, manchurian, chilly paneer and mushrooms seved with onions and offcourse mint chutney. For drinks, we ordered Sangria – a fusion of grape juice and small cubes of fresh fruits. Later, we also ordered a sparrow’s spicy sip and trust me, it was literally a few sips!

The food looked and tasted really well. Loved the mushrooms and dahi k kebab – a must try! The veg kebabs were yummy too and so was chilly paneer. The manchurian was a little overcooked and could be given a pass. Among the drinks, Sangria’s quantity was good. Flavor was okay and worth a try, though i would suggest them to use fresh fruits and not like the ones they used – over riped apples. Sparrow’s sip was delicious and was freshly prepared and came with lots of ice. Quantity was definitely tiny but flavors were awesome – loved it! Worth the 15 minutes i waited for.

Price: 225 rs for platter, 100rs for Sangria and Sparrows sip – complimentary under their 1+1 free mocktail scheme. VERY economical, would gladly visit again.

To sum up, more than anything else, a warm and welcoming team can makeup for tiny flaws. This is just the beginning, sparrows is here to stay. With little amendments and care, SPARROWS has great potential to outshine even the most celebrated cafes of gtb area.

Verdict: You wouldn’t have to regret dinning in sparrows AND avoiding long queues outside overhyped cafes like Ricos and BYD.


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