The Hudson Cafe

Restaurant Review: The Hudson Cafe Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi

While walking through the streets of gtb, my hunger pangs got over me and we (me & a friend) entered the place that came in our sight first. Hudson Cafe was it.

The coloful stairs and graffitis raised my expectations a bit, though i wasn’t still sure of how it would turn out. I opened the door and witnessed a very eye-pleasing place – full of lively colors and minimalistic design, just the way i love. What caught my attention instantly was the magnificent RED chandelier. A beauty to watch.

We settled down quickly and was warmly greeted by the staff. Clean water was served instantly and menus were handed over.

We ordered the ferrero rochers shake, lasagna and hummus falafel and pita.

Generous quantity and flavorsome food is all i can call it. Loved it. Loved the thickness of the shake and the balanced sweetness. Lasagna was a steal at the little price. Perfectly cooked with fresh assorted vegetables and LOTS of cheese.

Coming to the hummus falafel and pita – DISASTER! The hummus was sour, falafel and pita weren’t too bad, but what choked me was the mosquito on my plate. I immediately showed to the waiter and he took it back as if it was a regular thing. With no signs of sorry, he came back with the same plate – and on enquiry he said only the hummus has been replaced. So, we were asked to eat cold falafel – from the same plate we found mosquito. Moments later i asked for the bill, disgusted by the server’s reaction ( but stopping myself from spoiling my friend’s evening). The other waiter who previously served us shake and lasagna realised that we weren’t happy with what the other waiter did and came up with a complimentary dessert. Definitely, it was a sweet gesture, but sorry guys a dessert couldn’t buy back my confidence in you as a customer. And yeah, i was billed for the tasteless hummus too.

Definitely, been the other server had not come in between, the same guy would have treated us better. So giving a benefit of doubt and rating 4 stars. Rest of the food was an absolute treat to the tastebuds.

Will i come again? Not sure, the mosquito on plate scene still creeps me out.


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